Mapas y Aplicaciones Geoespaciales en la Nube

La información georreferenciada hace más productivo el trabajo de las organizaciones permitiéndoles planificar, optimizar sus costos de operación y tomar decisiones más inteligentes.

Creamos aplicaciones personalizadas basadas en localización según la necesidad de su negocio.

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Uploading Geodatabases to CartoDB Using Python and Arcpy

The “geodatabase” is a proprietary data format created by ESRI that works a container for spatial and attribute data. It is a very common format used by GIS professionals around the world but usually difficult to use that data outside of ESRI’s stack. Today you will learn how to use Arcpy and Python to automate the process of exporting data from Arcgis Desktop to CartoDB.

Uploading File Geodatabases to CartoDB Using QGIS

File Geodatabase (.gbd) is now a very common format in the professional GIS world but it is a proprietary data format created by ESRI.

The file geodatabase format has emerged as a very common format for storing and exchanging spatial data, particularly considering that it allows for the storage of multiple data layers, and that it allows for the storage of data layers that exceed the limits of other specifications *.

Probably you’ve ever wondered, is it possible to work with File Geodatabases using open source software like CartoDB?